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Main Street Centerville builds the value and appeal of downtown by supporting business development, promoting a positive image and rehabilitation of the historic core of the community.  Our organization uses an inclusive approach to involve all stakeholders, through community involvement, volunteerism both private and public.


For almost three decades, Iowa’s Main Street communities have made a commitment to the long-term revitalization of their historic commercial districts. Using the Main Street Four Point Approach, local leaders have implemented practical management strategies producing fundamental changes in Iowa’s Main Street.

The Main Street Four Point Approach was developed in 1977 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Center. Its primary purpose is to establish historic commercial districts as economically-viable centers of commerce through comprehensive, incremental and coordinated work in four key areas: organization, promotion, design and economic restructuring.

In 1985, the Iowa Legislature adopted the National Main Street Center’s model and established Main Street Iowa as a program of the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IDEA). Today, Main Street is the premiere program of the Iowa Downtown Resource Center and is the one of most successful state programs in the nation.


Encourages a community to focus on the district as a source of community pride, social activity and economic development potential.

Committee members include: Brett Mihalovich, Stacy Walker, Susan Brauman, Amy Tubbs, Lindsey Varese and Hope Susin (Chair).

Utilizes appropriate design and preservation concepts, to enhance the visual quality of the district (buildings, signs, window displays, landscaping and environment).

Committee members include:  Jeff Burns, Nichole Cox, Bob Evers, Debbie Robinson, Michael Thomas and Nancy Bennett (Chair).

Main Street Signage Grant Application (Cycle Closed)

Main Street Signage Grant Rubric

Centerville Downtown Commercial (DC) Signage City Code

Economic Vitality
Diversifies the historic district’s economy by identifying potential market niches, finding new users for vacant or under used spaces and improving business practices.

2023 Challenge Grant (Local Contest) Application

Open 4 Business (Local Contest) Grant Application (Cycle Closed)

Building Inventory Form for Downtown Centerville

Committee members include: Jason Fraser, Dustin Harvey, Brad Dittmer, Jennifer Haden, Rory Heims and Adam Sankot (Chair).

With coordination by a paid program director, organization brings together the public sector, private groups and individual citizens to work together more effectively.

Committee members include: Ed Cox, Michael Matthes, Delaney Evers, Christina Laurson and Melissa Arnevik (Chair).

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