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This grant is limited to non-profit organizations located/operating within Appanoose County, Iowa. Please download and complete the following form, attach the required documents, and deliver eight (8) copies of the completed application and all attachments to (stapled only) to the PACT office.

Funding priorities are:

  • Community improvement
  • Public service benefits
  • People impacted
  • Permanency of project
  • Projects that have matching dollars

ACCF Grant Application

ACCF Final Report

ACCF Fiscal Sponsor Agreement

Curb appeal is one of the most important factors in running a successful retail business. In rural downtowns across the country, disinvestment has made it difficult to preserve significant architectural resources and sustain economic vitality. Coordinated, small-scale façade improvements have the power to not only preserve valuable historic resources in rural communities, but also to spur economic growth in the surrounding area. PACT funds and Main Street Centerville administers our Facade Matching Grant. If you’re a business or building owner who wants help to make your operation more attractive to shoppers, use this form to get in line for our next round of grants.”

Main Street Iowa Challenge Grants of up to $75,000 to Iowa communities to improve infrastructure in designated areas. Funding is intended to support construction projects that contribute to the economic and physical development of participating areas. The goal of the program is to help cities improve the physical and economic health of their designated Main Street districts by supporting vertical infrastructure projects.

The primary goals of the MSI Challenge grant are:

  1. Stimulate appropriate building rehab of significant commercial historic buildings in Main Street districts.
  2. Assist in local COVID-19 recovery efforts
  3. Create a positive climate for additional investments
  4. Support local revitalization efforts.
  5. Demonstrate “Main Street at work” in the local community
  6. Provide local Main Street programs with an exclusive financial incentive program
  7. Create additional jobs and business growth 

These goals will be achieved through:

  1. Quality historic property rehabilitation
  2. Creating unique business locations
  3. Creating upper story housing opportunities
  4. Context-sensitive infill development
  5. Strategic investment by IEDA into key local projects
  6. Research and utilization of appropriate available financial resources/programs
  7. Creating local job and business opportunities

Grants support the rehabilitation and restoration of significant commercial properties within the designated Main Street district. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Façade improvements (Front, rear and side)
  • Upper-floor interior rehabilitation
  • Structural repairs/improvements
  • Code compliance
  • First-floor interior rehabilitation
  • Energy efficiency/sustainability improvements
  • Single specific phase of a large rehab.  The project must have a specific defined focus and clearly identifiable scope of work including start/end dates and milestones for completion.
  • Permanent physical improvements to as a response to COVID-19 (i.e. interior alterations to accommodate social distance measures, operable storefront windows if compatible with the building’s historic character, permanent outdoor seating areas, etc.)

For additional information about eligible projects and grant criteria contact Delaney Evers, Main Street Centerville Executive Director at 641-437-4899.

Open 4 Business Grant- Local Winner 2021

Congratulations to Dan Pilkington (Pictured), owner of our local Brown’s Shoe Fit Centerville, for your local award selection, Winner for Open 4 Business! Thank you so much to our sponsors: Iowa Trust and Savings Bank (pictured Dustin Harvey), Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri – Member FDIC (pictured Jeff Boomgarden), Us bank (pictured Brett Mihalovich and @Community1st Credit Union(Centerville, Ia) ( pictured Julie Drew) Open 4 Business contest! The contest is designed to help local Main Street programs provide financial and technical support for business retention, expansion, and recruitment efforts that improve Main Street districts. Sustainable businesses that will grow and thrive within your district are the desired outcome. Dan’s application is for new product lines and marketing. Congratulations on your local award, and good luck with the state competition! Thank you to Iowa Trust and Savings Bank, Farmer’s Bank of Centerville, C 1st Community Credit Union and US Bank for Sponsoring our local competition $1,000 cash award! Be sure to check them out for all your local financial needs!

Congratulations to Brown’s Shoe Fit Centerville!

Helping Grow Stronger Communities and Vibrant Downtown Areas

The Community Catalyst Building Remediation Program assists communities with the redevelopment or rehabilitation of buildings to stimulate economic growth or reinvestment in the community.  

  • Funding based on annual availability
  • Maximum grant: $100,000
  • 40% of funds will be awarded to cities with populations under 1,500

2021 Application Workshop

The purpose of the Appanoose County Tourism Grant is to encourage development & expansion of destinations & events that bring visitors into Appanoose County. For the purposes of this application, tourism is defined as an event, activity or piece of marketing collateral designed to draw visitors into Appanoose County from outside the county. Funding for the grants comes from a portion of lodging tax funds collected in the City of Centerville and in the unincorporated areas of Appanoose County. The Committee may award less than, but not more than the amount requested. Funds are awarded on a competitive basis to projects that meet the overall objectives of the Appanoose County Tourism Committee. Applications must be submitted to the PACT office (101 E Van Buren St. Centerville, IA) by 4:30pm on May 5, 2023. 

2023 Appanoose County Tourism Grant Application

2023 Appanoose County Tourism Grant Rubric

2023 Tourism Grant Summary-2

The purpose of the PACT Trails Grant is to encourage the creation, development & maintenance of trails and walking paths within Appanoose County. Examples of projects that would fall into the scope of this grant includes, but is not limited to, signage, printed and digital maps, trail markers, seating, resurfacing of current trails and creation of new trail systems. The Committee may award less than, but not more than the amount requested. Funds are awarded on a competitive basis to projects that meet the overall objectives of the Tourism Committee. Misrepresentation of facts or failure to comply with the details outlined in the application may result in the reduction or withdrawal of grant funding. Applications for grants to be awarded for the 2023 year will be available on July 12th and available until all funds are distributed.  must be submitted to the PACT office (101 E Van Buren St. Centerville, IA) by 4:30pm on May 5, 2023. 

2023 Appanoose County Tourism Trails Grant Application

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